Help Increase Sales with a Mobile Sales App

By salesverge

There's a problem on many retail sales floors. A customer comes in to "look around" and then leaves. Oh and on their way out you hand them a business card. Great. Now you have to wait for them to come back or call you.

New CustomerBut what if you got their information (as simple as their name and email) so you could be the one to follow-up? Increase your chances of a sale by following up with that customer with a simple email. Maybe it's just and email that says "I noticed that you were looking at this product and this product today. Feel free to call or email me if you want more information."

Mobile technology makes this practice easier than ever. When a customer comes into your store you can quickly and easily add his or here information right on your iPad or iPhone.

SalesVerge was made to help you increase sales by initiating engagement with your customers.