Using an iPad app for business

By salesverge

With 17 million iPads sold in Q2 2012—the highest number in any past three month period—there is no doubt that iPads are popular. iPads are very popular among everyday consumers, but there is also great benefit to using iPads in a business. iPads for business make perfect sense. They are portable (like laptops) and they are easy to use (some may say even easier than laptops).

In 2010, business apps increased 186% from the previous year, and was the fastest growing section in the app store (source). Business are seeing the value of mobility to increase productivity. See our infographic we posted earlier.

I spoke with a car salesman who said he likes to use his iPad to have spec sheets with him to show customers. These spec sheets store information about the cars he is showing. He said he even uses Dropbox to store them.

Another way to use an iPad for business is to keep track of your customers. We built the SalesVerge app with a simple mobile CRM built-in. This is to help a retails salesperson keep track of the customers he or she talks to in a day. When a customer comes back, the salesperson can just whip out his iDevice (because SalesVerge also works on the iPhone too) and see the history of that specific customer, making lead management very simple. 

Mobile apps are helpful. And businesses should take advantage of this growing technology.