You just lost a your coworker

By salesverge

Have you ever gone into a store (let's say a furniture store), and spoken with an awesome salesperson? One of those people who really knows their stuff, shows you exactly what you're looking for, and isn't too pushy when you tell them you can't buy today. They've put so much effort into connecting with you, showing you what you want to see, and being what do they give you when you leave?

Let's say they hand you a business card...yeah...that thing you dropped less than five minutes later in the parking lot. Maybe they give you a product catalog - awesome you can see exactly what you looked at...but now you can't remember their name. Maybe they didn't give you anything at all, and all you can remember is that they were a great at their job.

A week goes by, and you return to the store, but this time you have the intention to buy. You walk in and are greeted by an equally nice salesperson who helps you locate exactly what you looked at before, and this time you purchase it. Who really did the work here?

The first salesperson, we'll call her Janis, spent a significant amount of time with you, and truly exceeded your expectations. She helped you locate that dream item, and yet she doesn't get any credit. Your hard-earned dollars went to pay salesperson number two...Gary. I'm no sales expert (nor would I ever claim to be), but I feel like this happens quite often.

What are salespeople doing about this? How many customers are they losing to their co-workers? If a customer doesn't return at all, (or even worse, goes to a competitor) the store loses out on the sale completely. The customer-not-returning problem seems like it could be a daunting task to fix, but we're up for the challenge.

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